February 22

I met up with Darryl, Angela, and Kaitlin at the airport and we were off for Atlanta soon after.

It was smooth sailing throughout except for just 2 short episodes of crying, the longest being during that painful decent and landing period when Kaitlin was having no fun at all nor was anyone within 150 feet of her. All in all though, not so bad at all.
Of course we have to share our food.
Check out her precious little pointy finger. Why is Angela clapping? Because Kaitlin pointed at Elmo and then plain as the nose on your face (she Loves to stick her pointy finger straight up into my nose btw), she said 'Elmo'. And the crowd went Wild!
After some rigamarol with the rental car we bundled all the luggage into the giGantic trunk of our one big ol' honkin' American Car, including into the spare space in the back seat, all of which was packed solid with Kaitlin's things.

Then we were off to meet Angela's dad and his wife at Applebee's for dinner.
Then we went to their lovely home to settle in for the evening which included some quality time with the two cats.
The long haired cat was a little skittish but the stripped cat was kaaraazy for love.
They've got two big fish tanks that Angela's dad built. Tomorrow we're going to the Georgia Aquarium - but now it's past midnight here so I'll try to sleep.
February 23

On the morning of the 23rd we woke up bright and early at Mike and Donna's place and then headed out for a day of adventure.

But first, lunch! This is the CNN building where they conduct interesting tours of the facilities but we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the food court where everyone could get just what they wanted.
Then we hit the World Famous Georgia Aquarium. GASP!
Those amazing squid like things. The design of the aquarium is so notable I'll be sure to include some description.
The main thing is the giganticness of the tanks. Here you walk through a tunnel with fish on all sides. I needed reminding 'close your mouth!'
Kaitlin has had two very long and confusing days and still she is adorable.
Duuuh Da Duuh Da Duh Da Duh Da Duh Da...
This is another viewing opportunity at a window two stories tall and a football field long. How do they do that?
These are Beluga Whales, the ballerinas of the sea.
So cute-as-pie kids posing for their momma.
Kaitlin had a pointing Feast here at the Georgia Aquarium.
February 24

Last night after the aquarium visit I left the kids to go back to the Atlanta airport to pick up Marsha and together we were to spend the night at the Chateau Elan in preparation for the wedding the next day. Her plane was 2 hours late giving me just the perfect opportunity for a quick nap in the car.

Here are Chateau Elan photos from their onlne brochure (I messed with them of course.) And lovely it was!
We decided to take the morning and early afternoon to return to Atlanta for more sightseeing since Marsha had never been to Atlanta at all.

We wanted to focus on the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site, part of the National Park System. It was an excellent experience - thoughtfully done and accessible to all.
One of the exhibits was this sculpture of marchers on a road.
These photographs and recordings are maybe a view into the past but also for me they create a stirring of feelings and hope for the future. Ever hopeful.
Inspired by Roots.
Down at the end in the white crypt are the remains of both Dr and Mrs King.
Doesn't this look so familiar?
From inside the church. We heard from the guides that they are planning a major renovation to return the church to its condition in the early 60s.
From there we went to a shopping mecca. Of course. Atlanta Underground.
That's the Coca Cola building in the forground. See how it says CocaColaCocaCola all around the piece right under the roof. Then there's the capital dome too.

After our outing we went back to clean up and get ready to Party Hearty. The wedding was A#1 Top Notch with no expense spared. They didn't even have a tip jar on the counter of the open bar. Pictures to follow in their own chapter!
February 25

The next day after the wedding we drove a little less than 3 hours out into The Country of South Carolina to visit Ann's college roommate (of more than 40 years ago...don't tell her I told...)

This is Ann and Ree (Marie actually). Ree and her husband Gary met us with open arms and treated us to some real down home Southern Hospitality.
This is the front of the home they built in 2000.
And this is the back. The property includes a ton of acreage (ok so acreage doesn't come in tons), their daughter and son-in-law live in another house there, as well as there being barns, sheds, converted garages, farm crops, gardens, and more than I can remember.
Here we are admiring the '64 Chevy pick-up...
...and being introduced to the facilities.
We took a ride around the area where every few minutes Gary would point out where some relative lived, or used to live. We also visited the nearby town and their church, built around 1850 and maintained in its original spirit.

Except for one thing. They added a small pipe organ in the choir loft and Gary is not one bit pleased about this development. Not one bit. It covers one of the stained glass windows and as far as Gary is concerned you can live very well thank you without a choir at all. But hey, they're the choir and the choir always gets its way.

Then we got to climb past the choir loft and that new-fangled organ up into the clock tower and watch while Gary did a little maintenance on the 150 year old mechanism. Now that's the way it's supposed to be.
This is the graveyard belonging to the church. That black star in the foreground indicates a Civil War veteran. Or, as they say around here, a veteran of the war between the states. Or, more precisely, The War of Yankee Agression.
Further on we stopped to look at this Episcopal church. It has been re-purposed many times and moved to many locations. At the moment, since the Episcopals went out of business here, the building is waiting for its next incarnation.
Ree and Gary have five dogs. Four of them are ancient and the fifth actually belongs to their daughter and son-in-law but he lives over here most of the time. Five dogs...
...and cats too. Why not.

We ate a delicious dinner, chatted and watched the Oscars, and a grand time was had by all.
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