Carnaval! at UCLA. But the timing is, what? You're supposed to have Carnaval just before Lent. You're not supposed to have Carnaval during Lent.
The stilt walkers gathering. All the groups had cutesy names which, can I remember even one? No. I looked online and although the event was heavily promoted I couldn't find the names anywhere.
See that woman in pink. She is the leader of a 4th grade class, maybe their teacher, and she stole my heart. She had those self-conscience little kids doing a routine that was 5 or 6 eight count rumba moves, not easy stuff. She had so much oooomph, it was like she willed them into it.

You can also see the stilt walkers behind them.
These 'Stews' are wearing mini skirts and go-go boots. Their routine was something about what you can do or what they will do with you, on a plane if you really want...
We're still at the line-up here and these guys were hopelessly learning their routine. They've got these amazingly elaborate costumes but were clueless about what to do. It was actually embarrassing when they had their turn in front of the judges. Many groups were totally lame in that home-made way but for these guys everyone's expectations were so high because of the costumes that watching them was a real groaner.
This was the only flag team and the only even semi-formal drill squad. The lead girl had a killer smile that will take her far.
UCLA is a mighty photogenic backdrop.
She was the only one-person team. Butterflies and sunshine and rainbows. And glitter.
One of the stilt walkers and every female around me cried out that they wanted her wings. I was just worried about her skirt and I'm not even her mother.
Here they are again, the 4th graders doing their thing for the judges. She's shouting out the count, urging them on.
I couldn't choose. I need to find out what school this was and how she made it all happen.
I came early. I secured a good spot. But I am a failure at protecting my territory in a crowd.
The theme of this group was something like A Cruise to H*ll...
...more of them. They sang some really funny stuff and were the biggest crowd pleaser.
This is a part of the Fowler Museum where they had an extensive display of photographs and full-sized models of Carnaval characters. I might never have been here before. It's very nice!

On Thursdays at 6pm at the Fowler on campus they have free shows from the art, music, and dance departments and I hope to go a time or four this summer.
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