The Fredrick R Weisman Art Foundation.

It's an utterly wonderful place and you can visit for Free. The downside for the workin' folk being that they are open only in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. This used to be me: 'Hey, I work all day every day of the week and that's just not fair!' But that's not me anymore. Life is So not fair.

The collection is entirely 20th Century and every artist of the twentieth century that you can name is represented by significant work.
Art even out front, outside the gate, to admire while you wait (oh no! don't go early and wait or you'll get yelled at!). What are those little babies doing in his hands?
Even the mailbox makes you look.
In their side yard off the parking circle.

Check out the bird sitting on her neck. I love outside projects. They are in co-habitation with their environment and the thing itself is different every time because the environment is different. But then again inside projects are different every time too because you're different.

So I've just said basically that every piece of art is different every time you see it. How singular. Let me now discuss this glass of wine.
A sculpture of Picasso (of him, not by him) greets us at the front door.
This is the front door and one of the many lovely, enthsuastic, and knowledgable guides who take you around.

So this is in the front door...
...and out the back door because no photos are allowed inside.

Like I said at the beginning, the inside is packed chock-o-block with major works of every important artist of the 20th Century.
Pool art.
I took this picture looking in, of a another excellent guide.

You've just got to go even if it takes a vacation day.
Hellooo baby. Out by the pool.
From the inside, when you look out, the rabbit is framed by the window you can see here. There are also many examples of inside objects placed strategically to take advantage of the building's features.
My first tour group. They say even they never know how it's going to go from day to day. Some days they have no tours or one tour and some days they have three packed groups going through.
However it is though, it is wonderful. And then you can go again and have a different experience.
There's the main two story house with great art works on every surface and then there is an annex, a giant open space for the really big pieces. Outside the annex is this sculpture garden.

I love this glass block snake-y swoop-y thing.
Oh yeah. Were it not that this is a G rated journal I'd allow as to what the grape must be saying to the man.
This guy is kind-a scary I think. Euwww. 'Stop That!' I want to say. He's big too. This picture doesn't do justice to the scale. Boy, is he in a snit or what.

Stop That! Go Home! Wash your face!
She is one slick chick, dancin' to the tunes. Like one of those i-pod ads, all so hip and cool. I wonder, what is her real story? I'll have to ask next time!
Heading back to catch the bus. You just never know and art is all around. (Uh-oh I've started singing that 'Love Is All Around' song from Strictly Ballroom. Oh yes, Love Is All Around!)
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