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This is The Big House in Santa Monica where I moved when the kids were both off on their own. A few years later I retired, rented out The Big House (wow, 700 square feet...) and moved into one of the two itty-bitty cottages located on the same property, to improve cash flow and be Free for Adventure!
Me, from below the Santa Monica pier. I never wanted to live anywhere more than I wanted to live in Santa Monica, and now I do! August 2004
PhotoShop - too very much PHUN!. January 2005
My daughter Cynthia and her cat, the 18 year old Uni who still lived with me. But he was her cat. You probably know how that works.

Uni is gone now. When I'm old and enfeebled I'll get another cat, so enfeeblement will have its up side! Here is a haiku of Uni:


perched atop the fridge
hooded eyes gaze, watchful, oh
get over yourself

September 2004
Cynthia on her wedding day, with her wonderful husband Mike and his adorable son Kieran.

June 2012
My son Darryl and my dear daughter-in-law Angela. December 2004.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!
Followed nine months later by KAITLIN. March 2007
And then Lilly came along in 2009.

May 2012
This looks like me back in 2006 when my hair is settled down and I've managed a relatively symetrical face.

My names: Penelope Clare Hunt, Penelope Hunt, Penny Hunt, Penelope Hunt Kanouse, Penelope Kanouse, Penny Kanouse, Clare Penn. August 2006
My mother passed away in April 2007. Her entire blood born clan came for the funeral, including families, and here are also many who have been family since they were born. What a miraculous photo! April 2007
Mom just back from India with all her grandbabies around. Wow, the next time they were all together was at her funeral! That's Darryl and Cynthia on the right side. March 1993
Not so different I'd say - you can tell who's who for sure, having arrived from Hawaii, Sherman Oaks, Orange County, Germany, and Texas (which is why it's so rare to find them all in one place!) April 2007
Everyone together again with their partners for Windy's wedding in 2011.
My mom and dad some Christmas in the late '60s.

Can you even believe it? My father died in 1973 at age 69. Gone for so very long! And now they're both gone, my sisters and I are orphans and my big sister is The Matriarch!
I made my daughter Cynthia One Thousand Cranes for her 29th birthday. Wow, it was like a meditation and really really fun. That's Kaitlin she's holding. February 2007
Following are some links and pictures of what I do all day long.

However my very most favorite hobby is to just go some place, learn some language, look around, eat and chat and take pictures and write stories.

I just love to do that. You can click here for my personal website WhereTheHeckIsMom and here for my travel website AVerySeniorYearAbroad.
The kids grew up in the San Fernando Valley and for the last more than twenty years this group of women, originally having daughters in the same class as Cynthia but expanding high and wide, have met on Monday nights for a potluck dinner and gabfest.

Even though I've moved over-the-hill to Santa Monica I still try and get back for Monday Night whenever possible. Once a year they all come out west to celebrate my birthday! Here they are at a very fun birthday party.

December 2006
I Heart LA. It's true. There is just so much that is so dang entertaining. And the weather out here in Santa Monica? It's what weather would be like in heaven if there was a heaven and if there was and it had weather. Here's a link to the Magnificent Getty Center. I've got a lot of other stories in this link to cool places around LA.
GAGA! WOW Look At THAT. Click here for gaga Shots From The SKY!
Going For A Walk is something I try to do every day and it's a good chance to visit with friends, and I'm always always ready for a Photo-Op!

And then there is Going Out To Eat, another lovely chunk of life.
The Great Outdoors. Lovin' the Great Outdoors. (Let's kill something and then eat it. This is Marija's husband and perversely, I'm keeping this picture here because it cracks me up.)
More of that pot of gold. I count my blessings Every Single Day.
You can click here to meet many of my once-colleagues who came to my really Swell bon voyage Retirement Party in 2004.

It's crazy how many cute pictures there are of me in there. Good job Robert!
Check it out! Sunday in Little Tokyo. More of that Japanese connection.

I have been studying Japanese off and on for more than 10 years now. I continue because I cannot quit. Japanese is simply too too hard for a middle-aged English speaker to learn (at least I was middle-aged when I Started..) but I seemingly refuse to admit that it is too hard for me!
Another haiku of Uni:


He stands on my head
He pleads. Get up NOW. Feed Me!
Then he bites my nose.
Want to see some cool stories of my 'post-digital' travels?

Just below this picture click 'Home'. On the left most column you'll see 'Books' like CHINA! and SOUTH AMERICA!. Click on the link and then in the middle column you'll see 'Chapters'. Click on any link that looks interesting and the rightmost column will be the 'Pages'. I hope the magic works!
Me as seen by me, photo taken by a waiter.
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